Voter Restriction: More Than Meets The Eye

Why I'm voting NO on the proposed amendment by Amy Bergquist The proposed voter restriction amendment has been in the news a lot lately and I’ve been hearing people say things like, “What’s the big deal with requiring an ID to vote? Heck, I need an ID to get into a bar or go to … Continue reading Voter Restriction: More Than Meets The Eye

Sex trafficking in Minnesota: why one case matters

by Mary O'Brien A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to observe portions of what I believe was the first sex trafficking case to go to trial in Hennepin County. Although the law has been in existence for some time, this case was the first time members of the general public--the jury--were asked to … Continue reading Sex trafficking in Minnesota: why one case matters

Speak Up for Tolerance

  by Robin Phillips When I heard the news on Sunday about the terrorist attack at the SikhTemple in Wisconsin, I felt ill. My heart aches for the Sikh community whose members can no longer feel safe in their temples--spiritual places that should be a sanctuary from the ignorance, prejudice, and hate of the groups … Continue reading Speak Up for Tolerance

Photo Essay: Cartooning for Peace

by Jennifer Prestholdt In May, I was in Geneva to participate in the United Nations' Universal Periodic Review of Morocco and India.  I went for a run one day along Quai Wilson on Lake Geneva and discovered an exhibition of political cartoons. The exhibition was sponsored by Cartooning for Peace/Dessins pour la paix, an initiative … Continue reading Photo Essay: Cartooning for Peace