Where is your home?


The questions “Where are you from?” and “Where is your home?” are sharply relevant  today, given the immigration reform debates heard in the halls of U.S. Congress and around our kitchen tables.

These questions present opportunities to delve into different, deeper-leveled conversations when considering the reasons people seek refuge in the United States:  to escape persecution, to seek safety and security, and to begin new lives.

“Where you come from now is much less important than where you are going,” said acclaimed author and essayist Pico Iyer in his recent spell-binding, thought-provoking talk as part of TED, Ideas Worth Spreading. “More and more of us are rooted in the future or present tense as much as in the past. Home is not just the place where you happen to be born, it’s where you become yourself.”

Listen to Iyer’s entire TED talk by clicking here.

TED presents riveting talks by remarkable people, and are free to the world.

By: Susan L. Banovetz, director of communications, The Advocates for Human Rights

Learn about Pico Iyer.

Learn about TED.

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