Taking Stock of U.S. Involvement in Central America

Child from Honduras

“Today, Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala are horrifyingly dangerous places. Children are fleeing. The response from much of Congress and the tea party has been to argue for the repeal of immigration laws so that the U.S. can quickly deport the children back to their devastated home countries,” reports Ryan Grim in a July 18, 2014 HuffingtonPost article, “Here’s How the U.S. Sparked a Refugee Crisis on the Border, in 8 Simple Steps.”

But that is an abdication of responsibility, Rep. Beto O’Rourke, a Democrat from El Paso, Texas, told Grim. “Just on basic humanitarian grounds we should do the right thing by these kids and accept them as refugees — or the legal term is ‘asylum seekers’ — but we also own this problem, we have culpability in it, whether it’s our involvement with thuggish governments there in the past, or whether it’s the fact we are the world’s largest consumer of illegal drugs that are transited through these countries, or whether it’s the war on drugs that we’ve foisted upon these countries,” he said. “All of those things contribute to the destabilization, the insecurity, the failed governance, the lack of civil society development. So, one, we should help now that we’ve done so much to create this situation and, two, we should work constructively with regional partners to rebuild these societies to the best that we can.”

Read “Here’s How The U.S. Sparked A Refugee Crisis On The Border, In 8 Simple Steps,” written by Ryan Grim and printed on HuffingtonPost, July 18, 2014.

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