Thank you, Emma Watson

I have never written a blog post before. I don’t consider myself to be a political person. I have never marched in a protest. I have never even voted in an election. All of this might make me seem apathetic, but it is only because I am just 13 years old. Emma Watson’s recent speech … Continue reading Thank you, Emma Watson

Too Young to Wed

I'm traveling to Geneva next week along with representatives of the International Oromo Youth Association to meet with the United Nations Committee on the Rights of the Child to talk about children's rights in Ethiopia. We submitted a report to the Committee on the Rights of the Child in July, and the Committee invited us … Continue reading Too Young to Wed

The Economist Is Just Plain Wrong

An editorial from The Economist, "Prostitution and the internet: More bang for your buck," contends that the internet offers the solution to the social ills associated with prostitution. Despite the magic of the internet and the appeal of a classic free-market analysis, our work at The Advocates for Human Rights combating sex trafficking has shown … Continue reading The Economist Is Just Plain Wrong

Lessons from Nicaragua

This post is part of a series that delves into the plight of the Central American children and families fleeing violence in Central America. The series examines the historical context of the crisis, challenges that refugees face, international human rights obligations, and costs of a response. Nicaragua is not sending waves of refugees to the … Continue reading Lessons from Nicaragua