Pencils, check, Paper, check, . . . Human Rights Education?

by Sarah Herder The other evening, after searching for last year’s school binders and packing my kids’ backpacks with everything from Clorox wipes to globe-shaped pencil sharpeners, I thought about the millions of students who are returning to freshly painted hallways and overcrowded classrooms this fall. I had to wonder: Are they ready? Not just … Continue reading Pencils, check, Paper, check, . . . Human Rights Education?

Photo Essay: Cartooning for Peace

by Jennifer Prestholdt In May, I was in Geneva to participate in the United Nations' Universal Periodic Review of Morocco and India.  I went for a run one day along Quai Wilson on Lake Geneva and discovered an exhibition of political cartoons. The exhibition was sponsored by Cartooning for Peace/Dessins pour la paix, an initiative … Continue reading Photo Essay: Cartooning for Peace