Greetings Human Rights Advocates!

by Robin Phillips

Universal principles of human rights connect us to people throughout the world. From Tunisians, Egyptians, and neighboring nations who rallied for their basic rights during the Arab Spring to efforts in our own country to protect the right to vote, we are living in a critical time in our shared pursuit of human rights for all.

The Advocates’ mission of implementing international human rights standards to promote civil society and reinforce the rule of law is just as critical now as it was at our founding almost 30 years ago. Through innovative research, education and advocacy, The Advocates has been working to create a world in which every person lives with dignity, freedom, justice, equality, and peace.

Here on our blog, we’ll be sharing our latest insights from our local and global work and listening and learning from your comments and ideas.

We believe that every person has a part to play in building respect for human rights and we encourage you to join us in the human rights movement. Please get involved by volunteering, donating, and connecting with us through Facebook (, Twitter (, YouTube (, Flickr (, and now following us on The Advocates Post blog. Ask your friends and family to do the same.

If you haven’t found them already, we have a wealth of resources and information about human rights on our four websites. You’ll find news, volunteer opportunities, and events on our organizational website at, our refugee and immigrant rights website at, the women’s human rights website at, and the human rights education website at

We look forward to thoughtful conversations with each other as we work together toward a better world.  Thank you and welcome to The Advocates Post!

Robin Phillips

Executive Director

The Advocates for Human Rights

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